Sports marketing relies on building strong connections with fans who take the place of regular consumers. Fans help to make sports marketing unique, and marketers should pay close attention to fans if they want to be successful.

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What sports marketing is

Sports marketing has a long history, ever since the ancient Olympics sports were being used to promote towns and businesses. Now, thanks to the advent of radio, tv and the internet, there are more sports fans than ever.

Modern sport has become full of big money sponsorships, and big brands can gain huge exposure due to being associated with a star athlete or major sports team.

Red Bull, Procter & Gamble and Heineken are all examples of companies which have gotten it right by achieving a lot of exposure through sports marketing.

What ambush marketing is and how marketing continues to adapt to new innovations

Understand a sport marketer different roles and opportunities

Interesting Facts and Figures

How future trends will continue to shape the face of sports and sports marketing